Principles of construction companies based on universal values: kindness, compassion, help your neighbor. Social partnership integral part of the policy of the company. Our company does not remain indifferent to social problems and looking for ways to solve them. We are always ready to help little socially protected segments of society - lonely children in orphanages. It orphanages is a priority in the implementation of targeted assistance. We believe that for us and society is a social investment.

Caring for disadvantaged children, their environment with care and attention - that is our mission perspective. To achieve this mission is planned to implement a number of social programs, and we want our work attracted the attention of society to the unresolved problems of children - orphans, and to solve them. Participation in the preparation of children's homes, kindergartens and schools for the academic year, assistance in organizing all kinds of celebrations. We invite all concerned people to share their love and care to orphaned children.

If you also want to help orphanages, join our social programs. Let's give good together!